Startup Tips

Gustavo De Aristegui : 5 startup tips that’ll get you started on your entrepreneurial journey

Is this your first startup and are you nervous? I understand, the fear of ‘not making it’ and the excessive worriment can trigger a bad start. What you need right now, is some wisdom and some mentorship from those who have walked this path. Here are 5 tips that will help you launch your new startup.

startup tipsJust do it!

Just get down on it! Finding an opening to establish your business operation is a tough deal to crack but your business needs shape. This includes devising a ‘feel’ for your company. Start by creating a look for your project. This includes logo, mottos, manifestos, etc. If your company’s ‘feel’ is something your target audience can identify with, you’ll do great.


Research your product

Research on your product is as important as breathing. If you’ve seen the movie The Pursuit of Happyness you know what I am talking about. If you’re a rookie in the startup game, then I suggest, just start with anything. Even a small hotdog shop counts. However, you need to make sure you have that ‘X’ factor that makes your hotdogs special, different, and better than other hotdog stands in the area.


Save every penny

Save every penny you can in the beginning. It’s the key to longevity. Most of the projects I have worked on as a consultant were high on unnecessary cash-flipping. Buying a table tennis set for your office in the second month? Well, don’t!


Keep goals

Start making financial goals for your company. In a limited period of time, you have to push your company’s turnover to a hard but achievable level. Once you attain a goal, move onto the next. The cycle should never stop unless you want to retire to Spain.


Time is more valuable than money

Don’t waste time. Period.


There’s a lot of wisdom I can share with you guys, but I suggest you to be your own teacher through your experiences. Best of luck!