Coach yourself entrepreneurs!

While I consider experience to be the best teacher, a little help from the outside can fling your entrepreneurial project a few years forward. Before you start a service or a company, there’s an order you should attend to. What I am about to lay out is a checklist that will coach with the necessary skills needed in order to run a successful business. There’s more to this list but keeping these tips on the tip of your fingers can help you immensely.


  • What’s your company’s directive? You need to simplify your company’s goal and vision. Make sure you draw your project’s road map for at least 20 years. This should be realistic and not an objective that’s impossible to accomplish in the given time.
  • Your business should be a goose among ducks. Your brand should have an X factor that isolates it in the competitive market. If it’s not, it might just float away in the crowd.
  • Last-minute planning and random business decisions are a strict no-no. In some cases it’s okay to take emergency calls, but if that happens frequently then there’s something wrong with your business strategy or the management.
  • Financial resources obviously cost a lot of effort and money. Real life doesn’t have cheat codes like ‘COINAGE’. You need to control your financial resources wisely.
  • Make friends! When you’re in the business fold you’ll find a lot of interesting people. They are opportunities for you to learn a lot. Informal meetings can lead to formal meetings and blossom into profitable deals.
  • Read as much as you can. While Leisure books will keep your mind fresh and active, business dailies will keep you informed on the market trends.
  • A foray in the field of sales and marketing is also important. You may be a major in mathematics but Fourier transformation isn’t going to increase your company’s sales.


This checklist will prove very handy but I suggest you to always trust your instincts. Good luck!

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