5 effective ways to regain your lost focus

In an era where mammoth amount of data is being processed and published for a user to look at, it is hard to stay focused. Be it the notification on your WhatsApp, or a new image uploaded by your best friend on Instagram, there’s always something to distract you.

Some common things happening to the old and new generations alike include lost focus and lack of attention. What may seem a small thing at present, is only a disaster waiting to happen in the future, explains ex-Spanish Ambassador to India, Gustavo de Aristegui. Decreased productivity, and in turn degrading revenues are a direct result of circumstances like these.

Making the most of an opportunity is something that has to be done without fail. Following are the methods one can implement in order to regain the lost focus.

  • The paradox of urgency and regret
    See if it’s urgent, and make sure you do not regret anything later. Turn your biggest fear into your biggest motivation and give it your best every time.
  • A secret location that is only yours to access
    What matters is spending time with yourself to understand deeply how you need to proceed further in life. Gustavo de Aristegui is of the opinion that spending lone time gives a person insights, which are beyond discussions.
  • Doing it all is a thing of the past
    This is the place where most people fail. Doing it all makes a person unable to focus on one thing and thus, the task at hand remains incomplete. Removing everything from your task list that is not important will give you a clear picture if the things that you have to accomplish are worthwhile.
  • Obsession is sometimes good
    Doing what you love lets you enjoy the task. Find one thing that will professionally take you places and at the same time, give you happiness and satisfaction. Even if not professional, you might want to start doing something in your free time which will help you relax and also, let you work with during your office hours.
  • One goal at a time
    A Chinese proverb explains that a person who chases two rabbits, catches neither. What matters is doing a single thing with dedication. Whatever be the thing you are working on, be present there completely. Being in the office thinking about home and vice versa is only going to hamper your focus in both the places.

Deviating attention and focus are the biggest reasons of failure. Drawing a clear picture in your head and delivering the right thing at the right time is what matters, opines Gustavo de Aristegui. Following daily practices and making sure to give yourself the time to make it happen is the only way to go ahead. Follow these tips, and unwavering focus is just around the corner.

Article Name
5 effective ways to regain your lost focus
Some common things happening to the old and new generations alike include lost focus and lack of attention.

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